Okay, you might be thinking, “what”?  Why am I getting a newsletter from a yogi that is titled “Yoga, It’s not my thing”

It’s been on my mind for awhile now.  Yoga isn’t everybody’s favorite activity.  We are all drawn to different physical and mental activities for various reasons.  We’re all looking for that “thing” that makes us feel alive, relaxed and balanced and that’s different for each person.  We are unique, amazing beings that don’t thrive on being boxed into any one idea of what health, happiness or peace means to us.

I have a student. He’s pretty bad ass and in his 50’s.  He has to be on his mountain bike every Saturday regardless of the weather.  Snow, rain, wind, he’s on the trail.  He says he has to, it’s this “thing” it makes him happy.  He also practice yoga a couple times a week and is dedicated to his practice, meditation and state of mind. Yoga isn’t his primary “thing” his BLISS, but Mountain biking is.  Yoga keeps his body healthy so he can get out there and do his thing.  Yoga reminds him to stay present and to breathe.  Yoga keeps him in touch with his internal guide.  This guide pushes him up the trail and flies down with him on the other side.

Yoga can be your vehicle to your BLISS.  It can keep you strong and calm.  Wise, fierce and free!

My husband’s bliss is watching  documentaries and taking long naps.  Your thing doesn’t have to be physical, it can be anything that brings you joy (not stress)  anything that makes you complete.  Cooking, reading, meditation, etc.

Now you might be thinking “I have no idea what brings me joy or what makes me feel complete”?  Start asking yourself. Start listening.

When I started asking/listening it brought be to a yoga mat and my mat launched me into a life full of freedom. IMG_20160529_112242

Just something to chew on (in your spare time)

BLISS to you all!



Blissful Blogger