Women’s Magical Yoga Retreat

“where the water meets the earth the veil is thin”

.   .   .

“what is the wild women?  She is the source of the feminine.  She is all that is of instinct, of the worlds both seen and hidden – she is the basis.  We each receive from her a glowing cell which contains all the instincts and knowings needed for our lives.”

“…She is the Life/Death/Life force, she is the incubator.  She is intuition, she is far-seer, she is deep listener, she is loyal heart.  She encourages humans to remain multi-lingual; fluent in the languages of dreams, passion, and poetry.  She whispers from night dreams, she leaves behind on the terrain of a woman’s soul a course hair and muddy footprints.  These fill women with longing to find her, free her and love her”

~ Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Winter 2020

Join Toni Larson of Barefoot BLISS

We gather, we circle in and we hold space to explore what it means to live our life from a place of courage and love. Through the practice of yoga, guided meditations, ceremony, art and community we will connect with nature and our true essence.


What’s included?

3 nights stay in in either the Delta house lodge or camping, all your meals, wine & classes.  Art supplies.

The Lodging

Horse Creek Lodge, located on beautiful Horse Creek.

Each room in the Delta house has 2 double beds.  2 of the rooms have an additional sleeping space on a very comfortable futon (I’ve slept on one, it’s great)


Delta House Lodge:

Payment options Cash, Check, Venmo.com/toniklarson

To sign up Email:

Toni@barefootblissyoga.com or Call Toni 541-420-4448

(2-3 people per room)

  • 1 guest in double bed or Futon $435 pp
  • 2 guest in double bed $435 pp

Only 12 Spaces available!


Hiking the McKenzie River Trail is amazing! I’ve done it several times.  The slower pace gives you plenty of time to take pictures and breathe in the Magic.  I recommend hiking only half the trial each day.  13 miles a day and getting an early start. We can talk more about the details when you arrive!

Hiking from Horse Creek Lodge.  There is a beautiful trail along the stunning creek that will connect you to the McKenzie River.

Hot Springs!

Just 15 minutes away – Cougar Hot Springs, YES PLEASE!



Retreat Schedule

Thursday November 7th

3:00 pm check in

6:00 pm Circle in & Yoga

7:15 pm Dinner


Friday October 4th

7:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Circle in, Burning Ceremony, guided meditation, yoga

12:00 Lunch

1:00-5:00 pm Free time – Hike, hot springs and explore your inner and outer world

1:30 pm -3:00 pm – Class: How to build an alter to host your own Women’s circle

4:00 pm Snacks after your ride  – at the Delta House

5:30 pm Learn how to use plants and crystals for clearing and protection

7:15 pm Dinner


Saturday November 8th

7:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Guided Journey

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Free time

1:00 – 4:00 pm Creating art – Guided meditation to connect to the spirit of a plant, after we will paint or write a poem or both expressing our experience.

5:30 pm Yoga

7:15 pm Dinner


Sunday November 9th

7:30 am Yoga

9:00 am Breakfast

11:00 am Check out