Trying to do it all can quickly deplete you.  Balancing job, family, fun, and rest can be like one those people spinning 7 plates on 7 points of contact.  Impressive yes, possible yes but at some point one or all of your plates will drop.  Then what?  Honestly I don’t know the answer to the balancing act.  I think for each one of us it will be different.  I also believe some of us are better at it than others.  And then how do you fit in your BLISS?  Getting organized is a first step and then setting clear boundaries could be another.  As I write this I’m currently breaking my first rules.  Don’t work once your family comes home.  It stretches me too thin. They want my attention and all of my attention is on my work.  Maybe we need to take a step back and realize we might not be able to balance it all in one day but maybe it’s in seasons.  A season to work, a season to play, a season for new love, a season to rest and a season to live in your bliss.  I remember when my son was a babyIMG_0031 copyEDIT and it was the season of being the best parent, fully invested into his every need 24/7. He’s now almost 11 and does not require that type of care or attention anymore.  Now we’re in the season of giving him space to  find himself.  Last year was my year of BLISS. Lot’s of yoga and outdoor adventures.  This year is the year of work and I’m loving it too.  I guess what I’m saying ,do what you love,  do what you have to,  but find balance in all.  All things in moderation.  As the music group The Byrds would sing…..”To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven”  May we all be happy, may we all be free.

Your Blissful Blogger

Toni Acevedo, RYT