The Ancient Practice of Yoga Will Guide Your Way

What does a balanced yoga practice feel like?  What does a balanced day feel like? And what would a balanced life feel like?  20160507-toni-acevedo-0047

Recently I had what I would call a beautifully balanced day.  “The Goldilocks effect”  you might say.  Not too little, not too much, just right!

Each person’s balance is unique to them like a fingerprint.  When we start getting present whether it’s in our practice or in each day.  We begin to notice what makes us feel good, what’s makes us feel overwhelmed and what makes us feel just right.

There is no need to share with you my recipe for my balance you have to start cooking that up all by yourself.  But I do challenge you to start paying attention.  It’s in the details of everyday life that can make us feel in balance or out.

Are you stepping to the rhythm of your beating heart or are you painfully off  beat?

Remember it’s a combination of things.  The seasons, the moon, our food, our thoughts, our movement or lack of and the energy of others and our own.

If you’re not sure where to start with this concept….like I always say get on your mat!

The ancient practice of yoga will guide your way.


Your Blissful Blogger ~ toni



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