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HIIT Logic - Tumalo

Monday 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm  Roll & Release (deep tissue self myofacial release)

Wednesday 10:45 am-11:45 am Core Strength & Stretch

Wedneday 6:15 pm-7:15 pm  Deep Stretch

Yoga basics focusing on proper alignment, modifications and stretching for a better range of motion and healthy joints.  Restorative yoga helps release the body of unwanted stress and tension.  Deep Stretch Yoga creates more flexibility and mobility.  Open to all levels.  $20 drop in or sign up online at www.hiitlogic.com

Vinyasa is a yoga practice flowing with your breath.  This is a faster paced class.  Each class includes meditation, warm up with gentle movement, Sun salutation A’s & B’s Standing and balancing postures, back bends and stretching.

Yin-Yasa.  The first half of the class is slow mindful movement “flow” the last half of the class is Yin.  Long deep stretches, holding for 5 minutes.

Deep Stretch is exactly that.  We stretch the entire body with various poses holding for 1 – 3 minutes at a time.  Some therapeutic movement and meditation.

Gentle yoga is a slow paced class. Focusing on safe alignment, muscle engagement, modifications, balancing, stretching and meditation.

Yoga Health and Wellness Group

Restorative yoga/ yin.  This is a combination of 5 minute stretches with restorative or therapeutic postures worked in between.