200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training 

with Toni Larson ERYT 500 

Yoga Alliance Certified under Ambuja Yoga 

Yoga Teacher Graduates June 2019

Yoga Teacher Graduates March 2019


Bend, Oregon

October 2019 – March 2020

Participating in a yoga teacher training will transform your practice and empower you to teach. It’s the beginning of a lifestyle and a career rooted in service to helping others.  This private Yoga Teacher Training only has space for four students.  This gives each student individual time and attention during the training.

With a small  group setting we are able to go deeper into the training.  You will leave feeling inspired and capable to teach yoga in your own unique and special way.  I don’t want you to teach like me I want you to learn how to teach like you!

Your Instructor, Toni Larson ERYT 500 founder of Barefoot BLISS & teacher under Ambuja Yoga


The training will take place in downtown Bend.  The beautiful Northwest is a perfect place to submerge yourself into the teachings of Yoga. This training exceeds Yoga Alliance’s requirements for a 200 hr yoga teacher training.



Four-arm arm balances with assists

Restorative Yoga, Waterfall


This training includes 220 hours of education; including:

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation
  • Mantra and Chanting
  • Chakras
  • Intro to Pre-Natal Yoga
  • Yamas and Niyamas
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Assists
  • Modifications
  • Using props
  • What a sustainable yoga practice means and why you teach it
  • Mentor-ship is available for students attending our 200 hr. yoga teacher training in Bend, Oregon
  • Professional yoga photo and head shot


200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Schedule: One weekend a month

Location of all dates is Bend, Oregon.

Friday – Saturday – Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

October 11th-13th

November 15th-17th

December 6-8th, 2019

January 3rd-5th, 2020

January 31- February 2nd, 2020

March 6th-8th, 2020

April 3rd-5th, 2020

May 1st-3rd, 2020





Bend, Oregon 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Investment:

$2425  USD

$1875  USD for current yoga instructors with a 200 hour certification

*$500 deposit reserves your spot.

Please contact Toni directly to discuss registration. 

541-420-4448 or Toni@barefootblissyoga.com 

Balance Due by October 11th 2019, the first day of training (unless on a payment plan — all payments must be completed to receive certification)


*Do you currently have a 200 hr. yoga teacher certification, but feel like you need a “tune-up”?

We invite you to join us in October to up-level your yoga teaching. Gain confidence as an instructor by diving deeper into relevant anatomy, safe and effective sequencing techniques, theme-ing and yoga philosophy. Improve your ability to “read the room” and adjust your teaching to best serve the students in front of you.




Toni~”going into the first coffee we ever had together I could never ever have predicted the growth and excitement you’d bring to me and the other women.  It’s not often a teacher can provide knowledge, push students to new heights and help them love themselves.  I am so grateful for you, the friendship and support you’ve given me.  I now understand why I waited so many years to start this journey. You’ve given me the gift of strength and love for myself, showed me that my magic is real and taught me to breathe again. I didn’t even know what my path was, where I fell in this world until my Reiki session with you.  You helped me heal and helped me understand.  I want to do the same with others.  You are a remarkable women”  Aliyah


Toni~” I am so grateful to have you as a teacher.  Thank you for creating such a beautiful safe space for our YTT.  I am so excited for the magical lives we have created” Cauri


Toni~ “what an amazing journey this has been.  Thank you for opening this door and creating a safe nurturing space that allowed me to walk through it.  You have taught with such honesty and wisdom.  Allowing true transformation for all of us.  Your light shines so bright.  Thank you for honoring your gift and sharing it with me” Becky


Toni~ “what a privilege to have had you as my teacher for YTT.  Your beautiful intuition, your grace and understanding and your willingness to present these teachings outside the box made this experience so special.  You are such a gift in my life”  Onalee


I started Yoga several years ago with Toni as my instructor. She is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge of the anatomy of our bodies and her keen awareness of alignment and proper form are right on. She uses forms of verbal visualization to guide her students in their practice. For example the Eb and flow of the ocean waves in relationship to our breathing technique. I’m so thankful I have found strength and beauty through Toni’s nurturing classes.



To me, yoga is a purely physical pursuit. I am not a ‘seeker’. I come to class because it makes my nearly 60 year old, physically limited body feel better. Even though I’m not personally on a spiritual quest I appreciate that many people look to yoga because they are.

What I love about Toni’s classes; what I love about TONI, is her ability to provide a safe, comfortable yet challenging yoga environment that feeds ALL of her students no matter what brought them into her class in the first place. Honestly, over the years that I’ve been practicing with Toni I’ve often ended class wondering how she manages to pull it off considering the mash-up of student’s abilities and needs she encounters on the mat every day.

Most of all, Toni teaches respectfully; she meets each one of us where we are at the moment, without projecting expectation. That sounds like such a simple thing but it really isn’t; it’s pure, rare instinct, nurtured into talent. Take that, mix in a little wicked humor and that’s what I admire most about Toni and what keeps me and so many others coming back.


Toni reaches out through Yoga to her students in an incredible unique way, she is very knowledgeable and intuitive, thank you for sharing your amazing gift of the union of mind, body and spirit!