Bandlands yogiStop, Drop and Breathe                                                                                  June 14, 2016


Well the yang season (summer) is upon us.  Every year I think this will be the summer that is calm, lazy and quiet and every summer it’s unavoidable.  With the longer days and the nice weather there’s a pulse in the air that can’t be ignored.  School isn’t even out yet and our schedule is packed for the next three weeks. I’m guessing you can relate?  Living in a place that screams “come outside and play with me” it’s pretty hard to slow down.  So now more than ever it’s a time to remember to stop, drop and breathe.  Get on your mat, take a seat, get present in mind and body and invite balance back in!

I recently got back from an overnight backpacking trip into the Bandlands, outside of Bend, Oregon.  (High Dessert country) Guided by two lovely yoga instructors it was a much needed break from my busy schedule. I had a lot of work to do but I knew I needed to walk away for 24hrs and ground down.  No better place to do that than in nature. Feet directly on the earth, blue sky all around.  We practice in the sun and dirt.  With dust and ants crawling all over my mat (and me) I felt completely at peace. (a first for me)  Beyond all distractions I dropped into my stillness and felt my spirit recharging with every breath. 

After our first practice the lovely lady sitting next to me said “I feel so satisfied” I couldn’t have said it better.  Satisfied is what you feel when you are balanced. 

Bliss is feeling balanced.  Bliss is feeling and better yet know EVERYTHING IS OKAY!

What’s your BLISS?

Namaste’ Yogi’s

Your Blissful Blogger, Toni