Re-Potting Your Plant

Currently I have nine plants in my home.  They bring me great pleasure. I speak to them, Reiki them, water them, fertilize them, move them and love them.

About a month ago one of my plants had new growth on every tip but the larger more mature leaves were dropping. They didn’t change color they didn’t look sick they just dropped!  Hmmm what could be the problem? After some thought I realized it had been a few year since I changed the soil. “that must be the problem”  the soil had no life left in it and here it was trying to create new life.

I picked up a bag of potting soil, took her outside and began to dump out all of her old dirt to add new.  Not only did she not have proper soil/energy to grow she was all tangled up on herself in the roots.  The old dirt was dry and crusty and left a big ball around her roots.

Once I removed all the old dirt her roots unfurled creating space for her to grow once again.


Need I say more?  I am your Blissful Blogger ~ toni

Yoga Retreats are an amazing way to “change your soil so you can grow once again”

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