Oregon’s Birthday! Our Luxury France Yoga Retreat is on sale!

The founders of Ambuja Yoga & Barefoot BLISS Yoga are both Oregonians.  Raised in the Pacific Northwest, these ladies love playing in their home state and around the world!

Autumn & Toni embrace the sense of adventure.  Yoga, hiking, camping, biking, snow shoeing and more! They love nature, travel, food, family & their dogs!

These adventuress Yoga Instructors are your perfect guides for your next Yoga Retreat.

Their next retreat is in beautiful Southwest France.  From May 20th-27th 2017

Because the ladies are from Oregon and Oregon’s birthday is February 14th, turning 158 years old. Happy Birthday OREGON! They decided to give you a special gift in honor of their beautiful state!

For the month of
February you can receive $400 off the full price of this France Yoga Retreat!


And now some cool stuff about the number 158

In numerology number 158 is pretty AWESOME! Who knew? 

Blending attributes and energies and vibrations you get some pretty powerful stuff going on. 

Things like creativity
, initiative, new beginnings, self-reliance and tenacity just to name a few.

Making positive life choices, abundance and inner-wisdom!

I told you it was cool!  So if you’ve been feeling a stirring within and something has you moving in new and exciting directions it might be because our beautiful Oregon is turning 158 years old!


Toni ~ The Blissful Blogger, Founder of Barefoot BLISS Yoga

Autumn Adams, Founder of Ambuja Yoga


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