Nature is the Silent Witness

Explore the world with little effort and a lot of ease. Take in the beauty of nature all around you and allow nature to awaken your intuition. Did you know entertainment, technology and noise block our connection? Our connection to who we really are!

This for most is unthinkable or unbelievable, yes?  But that is exactly what a yoga retreat can teach you.  In Sanskrit (an ancient language,still used today in modern day yoga classes) Sthira Sukha means effort with ease, or steadiness with ease.  Listening to your intuition you will teach you this delicate balance. This ability to accomplish all that you desire with little effort.

I’m sure your thinking, Okay where is she going with this?  Well, maybe it’s time for a break? And where better to get away from it all and reconnect with your high self than a yoga retreat.

Yes I am talking about one of my Women’s Yoga Retreats (of course I am)

This year myself and Autumn Adams, Founder of Ambuja Yoga will be  in South West France at Chateua de Bardouly surrounded by a 100 acres of what I would describe as paradise.  

This place is stunning!  The orchards, well let me just say they sound beautiful and sexy at the same time. Can you imagine sitting under the shade of a tree and looking out at Cherry, plum, apricot, peach, apple, walnut and pear orchards?  Can you then imagine that you have hours to read, paint, draw, sip wine and yes even nap under these trees?  Or maybe you like photography and want to spend  time capturing the sunlight on one piece of ripe fruit on a low hanging branch?  This is ease,  this is nature, this is beauty.

After an afternoon at the farmers market we can slide into the pool and feel the weight of the world leave our shoulders. After yoga you could walk these beautiful grounds as long your heart desires.

After you leave you will never forget the beauty of one little spot on our beautiful earth.  You will never forget how the power of nature moved your soul and lifted your spirit and sparked your fire! Nature will remind you, Your love is enough!

If you desire to see the world but don’t know where or how to start. Start with us!  It will all be taken care of. You just have to say yes.  This is the year ladies!  May20th-27th 2017

Your Blissful Blogger, photographer, artist and nature lover!

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