Quoting Steve Gold….”let your heart be known”

Many of us are on path of healing old wounds and stepping into the fullness of our heart.  Our hearts desires.  Some of us already live like this, a lot of us don’t.

To the outside observer the person following their heart and knowing their self worth may seem a bit “selfish or self absorbed”  but that can be no further from the truth.

The person following their BLISS isn’t focused on outside distractions, they are focused on their passion.  This burning light is so bright that at times can be all consuming.  This BLISS brings them joy, happiness & fullness.

These people just assume you are doing the same.  Little do they know that some us don’t know what our BLISS is. That passion seems like a foreign word, or that we are not worthy or valuable enough to be consumed by our fire.

But I’m here to tell you that I’ve been that person not knowing on any level what I liked let alone what I loved.  There was a time in my life that I didn’t even know my favorite food.  I had zero BLISS and I was sad so much of the time.  Many years ago I went on a journey to find my fire, at the time I didn’t call it that, I called it my happiness.   Since then I’ve set fire to my desires. It is possible and it’s necessary (in my opinion) to do just that.

It’s all rooted in loveIMG_0341.  Love for self, love for life, love for all.

Let your heart be known and through this knowing you will feel an abundance of  love and BLISS!