What brings you joy?  What increases your song?  What is your BLISS?  

To be asked these questions as I do “my work” use to frustrate me.  It’s taken me over 20 years to be able to answer those sometimes hard questions.  Getting still, connecting with nature and getting on my yoga mat has helped me remember.  I am thrilled to say today I know who I am and what makes me happy!

Besides yoga I use to love to dabble in photography, many years ago.  I had forgotten how much joy it brings me! Last year I picked up a camera at a Women’s Yoga Retreat and started taking pictures.  (yeah I still really love  it)

I am currently working on an art project with several beautiful friends from my Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training. They are volunteering their time and supplies to make this creation come to life.  I am truly humbled by the experience and it’s only just begun.

One of my friends on the project captured pictures of  me doing my part of the project.  When I saw the pictures,  joy filled my heart again.  I can’t wait to reveal this passion project in it’s entirety next year.  In the mean time I thought I’d share a couple of shots.  “Behind the scenes”  Images of me doing something I love.

I hope these questions get you thinking.  I hope you’re listening to your heart!  I hope you are living a life full of your song!  Namaste’  Your Blissful Blogger! toni



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