When I sat down to write today I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to share.  My clarity has been off a bit fighting a brutal summer cold.  I’ve been taking the hand mudra where you bring your thumb and pinkie finder together for mental clarity.  (the hands are the keyboard to our brain) pressure points and all that good stuff.

I normally use my clear mind and my internal guide all the time so to be detached from it with illness and fatigue has left me feeling lost and confused.  Which is exactly where you need to be when evolving into the next stage of existence.

Our process, our growth doesn’t allow us to take our old ways and our old stories with us.  If we won’t willingly set them down than eventually they will be pressed, pulled and peeled away from us.  Not a punishment, no no;  a rebirth, a transformation.

Someone once told me about a person helping a butterfly out of its cocoon and it died shortly after.  You see the butterfly didn’t have to struggle to emerge.  The struggle is what makes the butterfly strong.  It’s what gives it the strength to open it’s wings and take flight.

So when you are in the moments of struggle remember it’s making you stronger, clearer and if you are willing it will bring you to the other side where you will find more freedom, more courage and more joy than before.

It’s like holding a yoga asana (posture) it could be a big hamstring stretch or it could be chair pose (everyone’s favorite)  It’s uncomfortable, it’s really uncomfortable but if we stay with it we get stronger, we get more flexible and we become grateful for the tools to transform our bodies.

Get on your mat and begin your growth today!  I double dog dare you! Yes it’s painful, yes it’s confusing and yes there is no way around it.  If you want your wings and you want those wings to be strong, this is the process for growth.

Want to learn more about growth?  We will be digging into the subject at our Pacific NW Yoga Retreat this fall. Go to my website www.barefootblissyoga.  Under teachings you will find Blissed Out Yoga Retreats. There you can read about the retreat.

Meditation Pond, Lake Creek Lodge, NW Yoga Retreat

Meditation Pond, Lake Creek Lodge, NW Yoga Retreat, Oregon

Bliss-when we know and feel that everything is okay



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