Feel Your Stillness Within

Trees and shrubs grew right up to the waters edge as I searched for a place to sit and be still for a bit.  I came across a dock reaching out into the lake and decided this would have to do .

The sun was shining on the water and the air was warm.  I was alone on a mountain lake and fully present.  The wind moved the dock beneath me, I could hear the bump bump of the water against the sides.

At first I was uncomfortable with the movement.  “Well this isn’t very grounding”  I committed to stay. It was so beautiful and appeared so perfect.

The wind picked up even more and really started to rock the dock.   I realized in the moment that life is like this.  It is beautiful and bumpy.  It can appear to be perfect but we are never without challenges.

Our challenging times teach us to be more patient and less reactive.  Less demanding and more open to all of life experiences.

I remained on the dock for hours choosing not to walk away from the wind or the stormy dock beneath me.  Committed to sit in stillness, the stillness within.

Namaste’ Your Blissful Blogger ~ Toni



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