Farmers Market? France? Yes Please!

Farmer’s markets are one of my favorite places.  The energy at a market feels bright and fresh. Curiosity shines from patrons of all ages, a kind of scavenger hunt for the fruits, flowers and veggies that explode from each farmers stand.  What will I fill my basket with today?

Now imagine that you’re not in just any farmers market but in a market nestled between medieval houses in a small forgotten village in Southwest France.

The small village of Issigeac, France was all but forgotten until their farmers market was discovered by travelers. Now it’s the main attraction for locals and tourists alike.

In the beautiful month of May we’ll be hosting a Luxury Yoga Retreat in Southern France.  And on a relaxing Sunday, we will be taking our retreat group to this market.  I’m getting giddy  just thinking about it!

As I write this I realize I will need my camera, an extra basket and a little more spending money just to indulge in the famous Issigeac Farmers Market that I’m sure will blow my mind.

As the medieval rooftops and high balconies surround us over head we’ll be enveloped in the local culture of Issigeac, France.   It will not be challenging at all to remain fully present & thankful to be in such a beautiful setting!

If you’d like to join us for this Luxuary Yoga Retreat please click on the picture below and you can get all the details for this exciting yoga retreat this spring! Namaste’ Your Blissful Blogger ~ toni


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