Courage…we talk it about it all the time.  “Be strong” “Don’t be afraid”  “You can do it”  So if we appear to not be those things then do we not have courage?  Or do we have real courage when we choose to do something that scares us, makes us really uncomfortable or tears our heart out and we do it anyways?  For me this is uncharted waters.  I’ve only just begun functioning in these emotions and I’ve only had a few opportunities in my life to step up in to my courage in big ways.

Before my yoga practice if I felt scared, sad or any resistance from anyone I would simply bail, and when I mean simply, I mean freaking out! Putting on the breaks. Then stressing about my choices, then regretting,  then blaming others, then blaming myself and THEN becoming sad because I didn’t follow through.  WOW! That’s a rabbit hole I don’t want to go back down any time soon.

Recently I’ve been making choices to do things that scare me or make me really uncomfortable or even very upset.  Here’s something interesting.

Yes at first I do list all my reasons not do something in my mind then I tell myself  “no excuses”  and then I do it.  AND after I feel great! I feel strong! AND yes I feel that I can do anything!

Once again I will say…..we start on our yoga mats.  We do postures (asana) that make us uncomfortable, we do inversions that scare us and yes we do heart openers that make us cry right there in class.  We learn how to move in our courage on our mats and this strengthens us off our mats and that my friends is what it’s all about!

Your love is enough!

Namaste’ Your Blissful Blogger ~ Toni20161008_135522_resized

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