Breathe Deeply

Practicing yoga can be fun, frustrating, liberating and sometimes mind blowing.  It might be getting into a posture for the first time and feeling your strength.  Or it could be doing a posture you’ve done hundreds of times and feeling well….you! It will bring you to your edge physically and mentally.  You will feel every human emotion.  Yep yoga takes you into you.  It asks you the hard questions.  Who am I ?  What is my purpose?  It keeps you humble and at the same time it empowers you beyond what you thought was possible. It’s all and nothing at the same time.  Because we are vessels set up to receive and give over and over and over. Not just in one aspect of our life but in all areas of our life.  So we get it all but we’re not supposed to hold onto it. We’re supposed to let it flow.  In and out like taking a deep breathe.  So breathe deeply and don’t hold on.  Give back to the earth the things that you no longer need. Let go!  


Namaste’ Your Blissful Blogger

Photography by Barefoot BLISS Yoga


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