I had the pleasure of working at a Women’s Yoga Retreat this last weekend. It was a wonderful experience and all 29 women were lovely. As I looked around at these women sitting in a grassy field surrounded by lush green trees, the sound of a little creek just next to us, I realized how much courage, energy and faith it took to get themselves to this moment in their lives.  Some of them were new to yoga, some were injured and several traveled from out of state, their first time in Oregon.  I was surrounded by women who leaped to be here.

So many of us say “I would love to get away, just for myself” “I would love to travel” “I want to go on a retreat” “I wish I had the time to nap” “I wish I did yoga” You know that voice. It speaks to us on and off through out our day. It seems that time and money control most of our choices. I get it. That’s a big part of life. But what if there could be another way?

Now stay with me on this. It’s hard to explain and even harder to understand. But if you are willing to incorporate this into your thought process, into your meditation, into that conversation that you have with yourself ALL THE TIME. It does work. I know. I am proof.

Now this is too long to get into the big story of me and how I’ve made this happen. We’ll dig into at the Women’s October Retreat. But here is your challenge. If you desire something start speaking to yourself that you already have it. If you want to do something you can’t sit back and wait for it to come to you. You have to make the first move. A leap of faith. You have to show the Universe that you are willing to take action because it is that importation to you. It is your BLISS or your Passion. Whatever you call it. Your therapy. Something you need to heal or rest or WHATEVER! Am I making any sense. YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE SEEL! Then everything else will miraculously fall into place. I mean everything. Money, time, etc.

Okay again your challenge. Start with something really small. This takes so much courage and commitment. This may take some self reflection. There was a time when I didn’t even know what I wanted or needed so this part would have been a huge challenge to me. Pick something just for you and take the leap. Don’t over think it. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t doubt yourself. Do not not listen to doubters and DO NOT TALK YOURSELF OUT OF IT. (my favorite by the way, back in the day)

I can’t convince you through my words that this works. Because I have heard this kind of talk for over 20 years. It wasn’t until I started doing it, did my life change. DOING IT! Running to the cliff and jumping over not knowing what would happen and then seeing and feeling my wings on fold and watching myself take flight!

Start small, break the seel, take the leap! Journal this experience if you are able and I would love to hear the stories please. Testimonials are so powerful! I truly want you all to be happy and free and to do that we need to be living our fullest authentic life!

All my love, your Blissful Blogger!

definition of seel: sewn up, close, prevent someone from seeing

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