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Make Yoga Part of Your Bedtime Routine

A healthy bedtime routine is important for getting a good night’s sleep, but so many people struggle to establish a bedtime routine, or choose the right activities. Yoga can offer a calming, effective solution.   For years, I struggled to find the right bedtime routine. I failed to establish any kind of repetitive routine, falling […]


What brings you joy?  What increases your song?  What is your BLISS?   To be asked these questions as I do “my work” use to frustrate me.  It’s taken me over 20 years to be able to answer those sometimes hard questions.  Getting still, connecting with nature and getting on my yoga mat has helped […]

Pull it towards you

I took a trip, “work trip” Scouting new locations for Yoga Retreats in France.  We stayed at a lovely Chateau in Southwest France. Chateau de Bardouly.  The owners of the Chateau did a beautiful job restoring and preserving this magnificent place.   All the comforts of modern living and yet I felt I was stepping […]

Re-Potting Your Plant

Currently I have nine plants in my home.  They bring me great pleasure. I speak to them, Reiki them, water them, fertilize them, move them and love them. About a month ago one of my plants had new growth on every tip but the larger more mature leaves were dropping. They didn’t change color they […]

Nature is the Silent Witness

Explore the world with little effort and a lot of ease. Take in the beauty of nature all around you and allow nature to awaken your intuition. Did you know entertainment, technology and noise block our connection? Our connection to who we really are! This for most is unthinkable or unbelievable, yes?  But that is […]

Farmers Market? France? Yes Please!

Farmer’s markets are one of my favorite places.  The energy at a market feels bright and fresh. Curiosity shines from patrons of all ages, a kind of scavenger hunt for the fruits, flowers and veggies that explode from each farmers stand.  What will I fill my basket with today? Now imagine that you’re not in […]

Feel Your Stillness Within

Trees and shrubs grew right up to the waters edge as I searched for a place to sit and be still for a bit.  I came across a dock reaching out into the lake and decided this would have to do . The sun was shining on the water and the air was warm.  I […]

Winter Solstice

Today is the longest night of the year.  What a better time to go inward and reflect.  This is the season of healing and dreams.  This is the time to listen to your heart and recognize INSPIRATION! Inspiration starts as a thought and excites you.  It awakens something inside you and ask you to take a […]


This is the season of giving….take care of yourself first! 10 ways to give to yourself Give yourself more time Give yourself more grace Slow down Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself Stop doing for everyone else Remember what makes you happy Do one small thing a day for yourself Rest Read Treat yourself to […]