Another Layer

Do you ever wonder why you react a certain way in certain situations?  Think about yourself or others a certain way? Ever wish you reacted or thought differently?  Is your voice of self doubt the only voice you hear?

Are your ready to turn your attention to this very important and toxic habit?

To be healthier and happier on a daily basis we have to look at our life from every angle.  We have to start peeling away another layer.

How we eat, how we move, how we breathe, how we rest, how we THINK and even how we react are all connected to our well being.

When you begin the “work” of becoming a healthier and happier person it’s like planting a seed.  The growth begins the moment your heart desires more.

When the seed is planted the process of peeling away layers begins.  Layers of old thought patterns, layers of self doubt, layers of self judgment and layers of unreasonable fears.

Yogi’s reference our layers “like peeling an onion”  One layer at a time the revelation of what once was becomes very clear.  Once these layers begin to reveal themselves and once we have the courage to let go we begin to grow.

What we are exposing and asking to let go of can be scary and painful but these unhealthy stories, labels and excuses no longer need to control us.  They no longer need to cause us pain or self doubt.  They will no longer paralyze you or “stunt” your growth.  If you will only slow down and get really quiet.  You will see and know what your next step is.

We were not created to suffer, we have been created to shine!

Namaste’ Your Blissful Blogger ~ toni






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