Alignment to Empower Your Practice Yoga Workshop March 31st-April 2nd

Please join Barefoot BLISS Yoga for an amazing Yoga workshop March 31st-April 2nd   2017


In this playful, 4 session workshop we will learn the Universal Principles of Alignment that will strengthen your practice as well as allow healing and greater ease in the asana poses. These principles and refinements of the principles align your body with its Optimal Blueprint; a place where your inner body and your outer body are aligned in the best possible way for the energy to flow.  Each session will include a philosophical explanation to compliment the physical adjustment. It is an exquisite system of alignment that you can take into all your yoga poses, thus naming it “Universal”. Intended for students of all levels. An excellent resource for teachers who want to understand the biomechanics of the body and access a therapeutic methodology for physical adjustments to enhance the yoga experience.


Friday March 31st. 6pm – 8pm Session 1) Grounding the Sky– Open to the Big Picture and bring it to your physical reality. We set the foundation for the practice with a spacious attitude and we fortify our intentions with active engagement. This is the basis for protecting our joints and allowing a place of stability for the internal expansion to happen.


Saturday April 1st , 11am-1:30pm  Session 2) Spiral into your core values- Using the body’s natural ability to spiral inward, we connect deeply into the pelvic core allowing a freedom in the hips and relief in the lower back. Great for knees too!


Saturday April 1st,  3:30- 6pm Session 3) Standing Strong- With an emphasis on aligning the lower body and establishing core connection, we set the foundation for freedom of the spine.


Sunday April 2nd,  11am-1:30pm Session 4) Trust in the Universal, Deeper expression of the Heart. Upper body alignment supports shoulders, neck and the ability to experience the back body as a source of support for opening of the heart.


Price: All 4 sessions, $100, Early bird,(one week prior) $85. Individual classes, $30 or $25 Early bird. Highly recommended to take all 4 as they build upon each other.

Our Guest Instructor~

Peggy Profant, E-RYT 500, and Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Is on a lifelong path of yoga and taking its insightful teachings into all areas of her life. She first discovered the practice in 1980 and began teaching it to others in 1997. Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara are the schools in which have influenced her practice. As one who lives courageously from her heart, she passionately teaches her classes with meaningful yogic themes while keeping a keen attention to alignment. In addition to yoga, being in nature and with her family is where she finds her deepest joy and peace. Peggy is owner and director of Om Shala Yoga in Arcata and has been leading workshops, retreats and trainings since 2002.


Space is limited!  To register email: Toni Acevedo

 Questions please call Toni 541-20-4448

 Location: Fitness 1440 Redmond OR

  • Space is limited!


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