Toni makes every Yoga session a unique, comfortable and fulfilling experience.  She is professional – puts her heart and mind into our time together.  She encourages our mental and physical involvement in the class … something I look forward to every week.

MaryBend OR 2016

I have been taking classes from Toni for a few years now. She has a wonderful way of guiding while allowing students to adapt practices to what fits for them. Expert, seasoned yogis and those beginning can attend the same class which has been unusual with other instructors in my past. The combination of cheer and insight makes her classes perfect for me.

RuthRedmond OR 2016

I have been practicing yoga for over 6 years now. I ran into Toni almost 4 years ago and have been spoiled by her yoga knowledge and expertise. Toni is without a doubt the best instructor I have come across. She is easy to hear. She understands my needs. She has a great connection with body, mind and spirit…and conveys that to her students.

I struggle to use any other instructor so I find myself following Toni to each establishment she works at. Thanks Toni!

AlBend OR 2016

I started Yoga several years ago with Toni as my instructor. She is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge of the anatomy of our bodies and her keen awareness of alignment and proper form are right on. She uses forms of verbal visualization to guide her students in their practice. For example the Eb and flow of the ocean waves in relationship to our breathing technique. I’m so thankful I have found strength and beauty through Toni’s nurturing classes. Namaste

MargaretRedmond OR 2016

Toni reaches out through Yoga to her students in an incredible unique way, she is very knowledgeable and intuitive, thank you for sharing your amazing gift of the union of mind, body and spirit!

AmyRedmond OR 2016

Toni’s classes are the best: well planned, informative, fun, and you feel both calm & energized at the end. Now, with Barefoot BLISS online, you can take her with you when you can’t make it to class. The videos I’ve watched are easy to follow with the same well thought out instructions we get in class. Looking forward to more of them!

PatRedmond OR

To me, yoga is a purely physical pursuit. I am not a ‘seeker’. I come to class because it makes my nearly 60 year old, physically limited body feel better. Even though I’m not personally on a spiritual quest I appreciate that many people look to yoga because they are.

What I love about Toni’s classes; what I love about TONI, is her ability to provide a safe, comfortable yet challenging yoga environment that feeds ALL of her students no matter what brought them into her class in the first place. Honestly, over the years that I’ve been practicing with Toni I’ve often ended class wondering how she manages to pull it off considering the mash-up of student’s abilities and needs she encounters on the mat every day.

Most of all, Toni teaches respectfully; she meets each one of us where we are at the moment, without projecting expectation. That sounds like such a simple thing but it really isn’t; it’s pure, rare instinct, nurtured into talent. Take that, mix in a little wicked humor and that’s what I admire most about Toni and what keeps me and so many others coming back.

PennyRedmond OR 2016

I have often heard people who tried (and quit) yoga say it was a painful experience, they just couldn’t do it.  Tony is very accommodating for people of all ages and abilities, emphasizing safety first and offering adjustments to all postures for those differences in ability.  She does not just go through the steps or postures, she also addresses the mental or spiritual aspect without being “preachy”.   While she is knowledgeable, she is always seeking to expand that base by attending classes and workshops and is focused on the journey rather than a given school – I really appreciate that.  I find Toni’s classes well worth the time investment.

KarenBend, OR 2016