Wild & Free

Welcome to Barefoot BLISS!  You found me!  How wonderful.  I created Barefoot BLISS Yoga to provide a platform to connect with Seekers like yourself who are looking to enrich their life through the practice of Yoga.  The eight limbs of yoga is a beautiful place to start this journey.

My offerings extend beyond yoga, diving deep into what you are seeking. Through Shamanic practices we begin to reveal what it is that is keeping you stuck.  These road blocks or patterns keep you spinning around and around in your struggles and suffering.  When your heart gives you a little message saying…..”go this way”  “ask this question”  “learn from this person”  “change your course”  I call this a PING!

I believe there are no mistakes, just many pathways to your transformation.  Through my intuitive guidance, I am able to reveal all the tools and gifts already held deep inside you and why they have been hiding.

I have many offerings so jump in and take a look and see what pings!  I teach with levity, play and an approachable style.  It can be messy, exciting and mind blowing.  What a brilliant way to live don’t you think?

I look forward to connecting with you and guiding you where to leap!  Live, Wild & FREE!


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